A downloadable game

PLOT: Imagine(because the art's not much) imagine if you will, you enter the sewer, some radiation has leaked and you find yourself among the mutated forms of corpses, degenerates who crawled down into the sewers to make them their grave. Get close enough and the come after you, but they carry the ammunition you need to defend yourself. You feel the radiation affecting you as well. Your body reacts violently to the touch and explodes killing enemies around you, but you'll need to pick up the pieces again to operate your weapon. How long can you survive?

Honestly I'm just learning code, it's playable but very rough, I learned alot in this game jam and hope to polish this up to a fun little arcade shooter.

(note this file contains the source code, sorry about the mess had trouble getting into my account so gm didn't let me make the application. Have fun modding it if you'd like.)

p.p.s. the title is lame on purpose


GAMEJAMZombieExperiment.gmz 94 kB